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Our Story and Vision

Being an Occupational Therapist (OT) working in the area of trauma and attachment over the last few years has enabled me to understand how children and young people’s experience of adversity impacts them at every level. I have had the privilege of equipping many families with tools to engage better in their daily lives as part of the multidisciplinary team in the specialist trauma service where I worked. 


For many years I led the children's ministry in my home church, and found the insights and strategies gained from a career as an OT invaluable. I am passionate about seeing young people learn how valued they are as God’s children.


Not only do therapists need to be trauma informed but everyone working with children, young people and families needs equipping. Sensing this urgency, I am now turning my attention to supporting children's and youth workers in faith settings. Perhaps you are a church leader, mentor, charity or NGO struggling to understand the challenges for children/young people today? Perhaps you and your team are working in an area of deprivation and need tools to better engage people with complicated backgrounds? Perhaps you don't know how to support one particular young person?

Join the Dots has been designed primarily to help children's and youth workers to understand how the pervasive effects of trauma can often result in the form of challenging, unpredictable behaviours. More importantly, Join the Dots exists to empower workers in confidently building trauma informed cultures, in order that people who have experienced adversity, feel safe, loved and go on to develop a secure identity in Christ.

We are a faith-based training and consultancy initiative, which is accessible, practical and able to bring real transformation to your context.


We look forward to meeting you!