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Our Story and Vision


Having been involved in church leadership, and with over 10 years experience in children’s ministry, I have become increasingly aware that our ministries need to be more accessible to those who have had complicated backgrounds. In our churches and Christian ministries, people are serving tirelessly to support others and often it is hard to engage people who have experienced a lot of trauma, particularly if that trauma was early in life. I believe that those who support people who have experienced such adversity, need to be better equipped by receiving guidance and training to become trauma informed.


After a career as an Occupational Therapist (OT) working with many adopted and fostered children, I am passionate about equipping others to be a support to those who have experienced such traumatic circumstances.

I hold an MSc in Attachment studies and during these studies I gained valuable tools with which to understand and support those who have relational trauma.


My happy place is enjoying coffee out with friends!

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