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Churches In Crisis

Supporting your leaders and congregation through collective trauma

Join the Dots offers a personalised service to support churches who find themselves experiencing a collective trauma or tragedy.

The service offered would vary based on your individual circumstances, and we would gather a specialised team relevant to your church's situation.

The consultancy offered could include a series of conversations to establish the best avenue of support, followed by an in-person reflective support day for your team or a wider group.


Goals of the process could include:

  • To raise awareness of individual signs of trauma responses

  • To equip the church community with coping tools

  • To equip the church community to notice and respond when their peers display signs of distress due to collective trauma 

  • To support the reflective process by reassuring the church community of the uniqueness and yet normality of their own individual journeys

  • To resource the team and church community in knowing when and where to turn for more expert help


Currently under construction: content coming soon!

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