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Organisational Consultations

Join the Dots offers individualised consultations for your setting, whether it be for a church, school team, pastoral team or NGO.


We can provide consultations that can give you principles and practical step-by-step ideas to transform your setting, or a more in depth full audit of your setting and provision.

We can offer various levels of consultation:

1.    Video call review of facilities and discussion around adapting to suit user needs. 

2.    Site visit to look at how you can adapt the setting to create a space that takes into account the sensory, communication and spiritual needs of traumatised individuals. 

3.    Full audit of your facilities, policies and procedures.

4.    Discussion around specific strategies for particular cases. 


Goals of consultation:

To review the facilities that you offer in order to reduce likelihood of retraumatising individuals who may be vulnerable.

To provide advice and strategies that are tailored to your physical space and setting to enable you to adapt to minimise sensory overload and welcome those who have experienced adversity. 

To relate the needs of traumatised individuals to their spiritual journey.


As part of our consultation we might recommend that your core team attend one of our workshops.