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Creating a Trauma Sensitive Culture

Does your team need to know how to join the dots between adversity, toxic stress, mental health and spiritual wellbeing?

Take away some simple principles and practical ideas to transform the culture of your charity, church, youth group or children's work so that it is a welcoming and safe place for those who have experienced adversity.

What the workshop will cover:

  • Discussion about the ways in which trauma impacts individuals.

  • Consideration of practical steps we can take to become trauma sensitive.

  • Come away inspired to learn more about how trauma impacts engagement and behaviour in your ministry setting.

In the full length workshop we will go into more depth:

  • Developing trauma informed practice at every level of your organisation.


LENGTH:  3 hours for an introductory workshop.

Occasionally we deliver this as a 45 minute taster webinar.

COST: Dependent on group size/needs/location, enquire via email.

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