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Looking at Sensory Needs

Many children and young people have sensory difficulties to varying degrees. Some of these difficulties are related to early trauma and some are due to conditions such as autism or ADHD. If you are a children's or youth worker in a school or church setting, it is very likely that you will have come across young people with these needs. 

Come along to this workshop to learn some of the difficulties that can arise and to discover tools that will help you to adapt your ministry and work to be more inclusive of these children and young people.

This 1.5 hour workshop is aimed at children's and youth workers in churches or schools.

What the workshop will cover:

  • What are the eight sensory systems?

  • How can sensory processing difficulties manifest?

  • Incorporating sensory strategies and movement breaks into your children’s work. 

LENGTH: 3 hours, however a shorter 1.5 hour introductory version is available.

COST: Dependent on group size/needs/location, enquire via email.

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