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Understanding ACEs

In this 2-part workshop you will understand how ACES, (Adverse Childhood Experiences) impact the body. You will then learn how to create safe spaces in your ministry in order that your young people flourish as God’s children.

Part One: Being a trauma detective in your setting.

Spotting the signs of developmental trauma and learning what impact this has on the young people you are working with.


What the workshop will cover:

  • What are ACEs and how they impact wellbeing.

  • ACES and brain development.

  • How traumatic events impact a young person’s nervous system, attachment style, and behaviour.


Part Two: Welcoming a traumatised child/young person in your setting.

We will also cover:

  • Being a trauma and attachment aware setting and working with survival physiology from a kingdom perspective, including some practical sensory strategies and helpful language to use.

  • Ways our ministry can support resilience for young people who have been through trauma.

  • Working from the ground up to support young people.

  • Using body based and sensory strategies that can help a young person to regulate and feel settled.

  • Changing the perspective so that we promote safety and a context for them to hear God.

LENGTH: Minimum of 3 hours 

COST: Dependent on group size/needs/location, enquire via email.

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